Higher Education

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Empowering colleges and universities to fulfill their highest purpose. Creating space for students to achieve their greatest potential.

As colleges and universities evolve to meet the needs of their students and address the challenges of a changing world, their physical campuses must change, too. At ARC, we leverage our wealth of experience across a wide range of campus-focused services and facilities to help our higher education partners create learning spaces that enhance intellectual exploration and growth.

Spaces that embody long-held ideals—
and inspire the pursuit of knowledge.

At the core of our approach is a deep respect for the guiding values and principles of our college and university clients. Our team makes clients active and essential contributors during each stage of the design process, ensuring that our work reflects those values while also meeting the institution’s short- and long-term objectives. 

Together, we find ways to transform a set of principles and project goals into a truly remarkable physical solution that inspires for generations to come.

Our expertise
Campus Master Planning
Conceptual Programming
Academic Programming
Building Evaluation
Building Design
Post Occupancy Evaluation

Key to honoring an institutional legacy is preserving it far into the future—which is why ARC thinks beyond carbon neutrality and energy reliability. We incorporate high-performance, resource-efficient sustainability strategies into every phase of the design process, ensuring that flexibility, durability, and fiscal responsibility are built into the future operations of each space. 

Your vision, realized.

At ARC, we are deeply proud of our work in the higher education space. The greatest among these successes are those where our clients see the plan they envisioned all along, executed to the last detail, right in front of their eyes. A space that is familiar in its values, but remarkable in its thoughtfulness, its execution, and the experience of being there. Not merely an ARC building, but a natural and seamless extension of a timeless institutional heritage.

Projects with Tufts University
of partnership with Harvard University
Colby College BioMass Plant

Creating space to pursue higher education’s highest calling