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Competition and wellness facilities that become focal points of healthy and connected communities.

Today’s best athletics and wellness projects embrace multipurpose design to produce functional, beautiful campus hubs that bring people together and reflect the essence and spirit of a community. At ARC, we design spaces that capture that essence. They become much more than just gathering places — they also create and reinforce a sense of pride and connection within the larger fabric of a campus.

For individuals pursuing fitness, athletes striving for new heights of performance and achievement, and fans reveling in the collective thrill and excitement of competition, athletics and wellness facilities become hallowed ground—places that foster growth, shared experience, and lasting memories. 

Whether in the context of a college or independent school campus, a neighborhood, or a city, multipurpose design achieves its full potential when each individual use overlays and strengthens its surroundings. ARC’s approach creates a natural choreography among social, athletic, educational, and support spaces, leading to a vibrant, energetic atmosphere that emanates not only throughout the building, but across entire campuses and communities.

At the intersection of performance, wellness, and sustainability. 

Traditionally, athletics facilities have been infamous for their high energy use, a challenge for organizations committed to environmental stewardship. At ARC, we combine imaginative, efficient design approaches with regenerative technology and materials to reimagine how these spaces can contribute to the greater good. From increasing energy efficiency to maximizing space usage with large rooftop gardens, solar arrays, and underground geothermal well fields, ARC’s expert touch results in athletic complexes that achieve unprecedented energy savings.

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