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Diversity of thought leads to better design solutions. 

Thoughtful, creative design involves empathy, careful listening, and the free exchange of ideas. At ARC, we nurture a culture of collective creation—a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves atmosphere that invites our designers, clients, and partners to imagine together, and leverage their diverse perspectives and skill sets to break new ground. 

It’s a level of collaboration and partnership that builds trust, creates rewarding relationships, and brings joy to the creative process. Above all, it leads to unique ideas and exciting, inventive outcomes. 

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We are driven by a higher standard, and committed to seeing the bigger picture. 

At ARC, holding ourselves to a higher standard means pursuing excellence in all things. It means always looking for new ways to deliver the best for our clients; sitting at the cutting edge of regenerative practice to create transformative spaces for today and tomorrow; fostering a nurturing, engaging office environment for all of our designers and creators. 

We celebrate and embrace the differences and identities that make our employees unique and strive to foster an organization where every person feels welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. To further our commitment to creating a space that values diversity, equity and inclusion, ARC is a JUST-certified organization. As part of that process, we have created policies that improve social equity and enhance employee engagement. More than a certification program, JUST is a transparency platform for companies to disclose our operations, including how we treat our employees and where we make financial and community investments.

Ultimately, we aspire to this higher standard because it enables us to produce truly exceptional work that creates meaningful impact on people, organizations, communities, and future generations. 

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Regenerative design at the core. 

As professionals in the design of the built environment, we are compelled to do more than maintain the status quo. We aspire to provide inclusive, resilient design solutions that go beyond sustainability to promote health and well-being, equity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.

ARC consciously brings a holistic approach to each phase of a project—from prioritizing resource and energy efficiency to incorporating natural light and materials wherever possible. We commit to engaging in the fundamental shifts in approach, thinking, and practice necessary to support social, natural, and built systems in equal measure.

Our focused exploration often results in design elements that are among a facility’s most notable features—and inevitably,  produces unexpected near- and long-term benefits for our clients.


Let’s imagine what can be.

Every ARC project is driven by the same overarching objective: enable our clients to meet and exceed their goals. We work to understand each client’s aspirations and challenges, and partner with them to explore exciting and innovative opportunities.

Our team brings intelligence and creativity to every stage of every project. At the end of the day, it’s this collaboration, insight and investment in our clients that produces transformative spaces and meaningful experiences. 

Multipurpose Arena at BU

ARC spaces transform, inspire, and endure.