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Enabling discovery and innovation with the power to shape our future.

The pace of scientific discovery and innovation accelerates each year. Flexibility and adaptability are essential when it comes to creating cutting-edge lab and technology spaces. At ARC, we partner with corporate and academic clients to design next-generation facilities that fuel the innovation and collaboration driving today’s breakthrough discoveries, while preparing them to take on the groundbreaking work of tomorrow.

Where technical precision meets design thinking. 

Whether our clients are acquiring, renovating, or building from the ground up, ARC’s ability to assess existing infrastructure and conceive new design provides the insight necessary to plan effectively and produce the right space—one that inspires innovative thinking, evokes the organization’s highest aspirations, and supports the important work that will be done there every day. 

We facilitate an ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders through every phase of the project, ensuring that we fully understand everything required for these high-value spaces. We place key technical elements at the center of our process and create distinctive design solutions around those requirements. The result is elegant, top-of-the-line facilities that seamlessly blend form and function.


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Master Planning
Conceptual Programming
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Building Evaluation
Building Design
Post Occupancy Evaluation
labs designed for Harvard Medical School
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Thoughtfully designed science and technology spaces create an environment where teams are excited and inspired to do their work, with access to all the tools they need to succeed. These facilities foster a dynamic of engagement and collaboration that leads to truly groundbreaking discovery.

Bristol Myers Squibb Biologics Development Building

Creating space for groundbreaking research.