Climate & Building Response: Presentation & Conversation with NEACP

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I had the privilege of being part of New England Association of Chinese Professionals (NEACP) 46th Annual Conference “Inspiring Perspectives from Visionary Leaders” at Harvard University as a guest speaker on sustainable building projects and processes.

My presentation focused on the general history and framework of the LEED rating system and green building design developments through the lens of a selection of ARC building projects, along with an overview of some current sustainability initiatives such as AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) and Interiors Materials Pledge happening within the office. 

Our panel discussion explored ideas about how green building practices have and continue to evolve, specifically at ARC, into high quality, energy efficient buildings that offer sustainable, creative, flexible spaces and opportunities for the well-being of their communities.


Four projects shared touch broadly upon ten years of sustainable building developments. Beginning with an early LEED Project Scorecard - from the NMR Center, Thai Buddhist Temple, Raynham, MA (2013 LEED Silver), to The Hackley School’s Walter C. Johnson Center For Health & Wellness, Tarrytown, NY (2017 LEED Gold), to Bentley University’s Multipurpose Arena, Waltham, MA (2018 LEED Platinum) to a present day construction site - where state-of-the-art building innovation is happening in real time at UMass Chan Medical School New Education and Research Building, Worcester, MA with LEED Gold certification and Net Zero-ready projected upon completion.

  • NMR Center, Thai Buddhist Temple (pictured above) 
    Raynham, MA - 2013 LEED Silver
  • The Hackley School, Walter C. Johnson Center For Health & Wellness 
    Tarrytown, NY - 2017 LEED Gold
  • Bentley University, Multipurpose Arena 
    Waltham, MA - 2018 LEED Platinum
  • UMass Chan Medical School, New Education and Research Building 
    Worcester, MA - Projected LEED Gold Certification and Net Zero-Ready upon completion

Each project with its distinct goals for green building, expresses progress toward the integration of sustainable design practices becoming more of a standard in our world – and I am excited to be part of that on-going process of discovery.

The NEACP Conference featured an inspiring day with presentations on leadership from corporate, artificial intelligence, sustainable building design and local city government perspectives followed by an amazing community vegetarian fusion dinner prepared and served by volunteers.


This speaking invitation came by way of Been Wang, former Design Principal at ARC - who has been a colleague and mentor of mine, as well as an active, founding member of New England Association of Chinese Professionals. More information about this organization is available below.

New England Association of Chinese Professionals

Established in 1978 in Boston, NEACP is a four-decade-old organization founded by Taiwanese scholars and experts that had joined the National Development Council (Taiwan).  Currently, NEACP has members of nearly two hundred across all six states in the New England area.  Historically, NEACP has been a driving force that inspires, creates, and enhances the conversation among the Taiwanese in New England, whether in terms of knowledge exchange, experience sharing, etc.  NEACP constantly hosts seminars, panel discussions, conferences, and lectures, by inviting known figures in both academia and business worlds.  The topic ranges from culture, technology, biochemistry, engineering, environment protection, and religion to arts. NEACP also works with local communities and Taiwanese governments to serve as a bridge, as well as to provide various job opportunities located in Asia or in the USA.

Ideas & Perspectives from Climate & Building Response: Presentation & Conversation with NEACP