Embracing Growth and Creativity: An Internship experience at ARC

Inside ARC
ARC Summer Interns: Sarah T. and Georgia C. on a site tour at an up-and-coming science building to be completed in 2024.

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work as an intern at ARC. As a Boston local studying design and architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans, this experience has been extremely valuable. ARC thoughtfully structured my internship, enabling me to explore various areas of their business that align with my areas of interests: Marketing, Architectural Design, and Interior Design.

During the initial two weeks, I focused on creating models and eagerly absorbed the culture and project terminology. Following that, I transitioned into the marketing team, gaining a newfound appreciation for the tremendous effort that is involved in securing new projects. This experience broadened my perspective on the inner workings of an architecture firm and deepened my understanding of the industry.

For the remaining duration of my time at ARC, I worked with the interior design team, delving into a whole new realm of creativity and novel approaches to interior spaces. Despite being a newcomer and novice designer, ARC welcomed me warmly, providing consistent support throughout my internship. The office culture fostered a thirst for knowledge, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for teaching and sharing expertise. This internship has been enlightening and enriched my experience, allowing me to apply my skills, identify new areas for improvement, and expand my knowledge even further.

As my internship progresses, I found myself continuously impressed by the thriving culture that defines this office. From the moment you step into the office, you are met with friendly faces exuding genuine interest in your work and well-being. ARC creates an environment where everyone is motivated to bring their best to the table. This was evident in each new area where I worked and apparent in countless conversations where I overheard the recurring questions, “How can we be better?” and “How can this be improved?” echoed the collective effort and commitment to progress that extends beyond the treatment of individuals within the office and resonates through ARC's work itself.

This consistent commitment to improvement has been invaluable to me as an intern. There is an indescribable and captivating essence about ARC that cannot be overlooked. When I stepped through those doors, I became part of a collective and engaged effort, even if just for a short summer, to grow and improve the places and spaces we inhabit.

-Georgia C., Summer '23 Intern

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Inside ARC Embracing Growth and Creativity: An Internship experience at ARC