Best Designed Objects In Our Kitchens

Do you have a favorite coffee mug?  Do you love the way that vegetable peeler feels? I have noticed that as a designer I experience everyday objects just a bit deeper than most and it says something about what I value in objects that I surround myself with.  Some objects are terribly useful, some are just visually appealing, some I cannot live without because they hold some emotional connection. Here is a taste of our best design objects...


It's not that pretty but I find it to be one of my most trusted friends in the kitchen for grilling! There is something about the simplicity, the size, and the soft red handles are nice too!


Once a lonely, neglected piece of Great Yia Yia’s prized crystal sitting in a closet, has now become a daily staple in our kitchen. This little jar houses our sugar in a coffee-crazed family and sits with honor on our kitchen counter. History and practicality.


I love the design of these food containers.  The problem with food containers is that the lids are impossible to organize. The designers of this system recognized that by taking discrete parts of the container, corner of the container itself and the gasket and vent of the lid and having them match colors for the specific size, the container maintains its transparency and drastically reduces the trial and error of finding the corresponding lid.  Now if my pots and pan did the same the world would be saved.


The pizza cutter

A rotating blade? Is that not pure genius? It effectively slices your pizza without dragging the cheese. What’s not to love?


During the times when I would manually slice spam from a can which resulted in one too many uneven slices, I’d always end up with one piece that was always thinner than the rest along with 5 minutes dedicated to this process. Until one day, I was gifted this nifty, durable and cool kitchen gadget known as the “luncheon meat/spam slicer” the sad spam days are over! It has saved lives and time - all within a matter of seconds with perfect even cut pieces every time - I'd have to say thank goodness for this invention. Mission accomplished!

Spam slicer
spam slicer 2
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